Building Science Basics

Building Science Basics

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Building Science Basics introduces the science behind energy efficiency, occupant comfort, health, and safety.

The house functions as a system, made up of many different components and systems:

  • The envelope (foundation, walls, floors, ceilings and attics, doors and windows)
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation equipment and distribution
  • The surrounding environment
  • The occupants and their behaviour in the house

Each of these components is affected by the interactions of heat, air and moisture flow in, out, and around the house. All of the interactions impact indoor air quality and the need for ventilation. Download the Course Description & Outline here.


3 modules

8-12 hours effort

Progress Reminders

12 months access


Anyone in the home renovation or new construction industry needs to know the basics. BHE’s cheap and cheerful online training is designed for busy people by an experienced industry professional. We know what you need to know!

Building Science Basics Qualifies for: 9 BPI Continuing Education Units